First Day Open: October 25, 2020

Come and Stay for a Spell.


Every main meal comes with an Ishgardian Muffin.

Herbalized Raptor Meat
Smoked or Slow-Cooked over an open fire. A traditional hellsguard staple. The Crymsyn Nest uses the aromatic wood chips to scent the downstairs by keeping both cooking at all times.
1,000 Gil
Tree Toad Legs
A generous portion of battered and fried tree toad legs served with a side of snails.
1,000 Gil

Warrior Stew
A simple stew commonly made of diced dzo chuck and whatever vegetables are readily available. A popular dish amongst the nomadic tribes of the Azim Steppe.
1,000 Gil

Rogue’s Gallery Fish
Deep-fried and accompanied by a generous portion of thick cut popotoes. Most delicious when sprinkled with a dash of malt vinegar.
1,000 Gil
Healer’s Delight
A selection of seafood and vegetables dipped in batter and lightly fried in oil.
1,000 Gil

Ranged Ruckus
A traditional Keeper of the Moon dish consisting of tender dodo meat and ripe ruby tomatoes on a stick, roasted to perfection.
1,000 Gil

Starters & Sides

Hedge Witch Soup
Sliced magma beets and lean loaghtan meat slow-cooked with vegetables from the local Hedge Witch’s gardens served with a dollop of sour cream.
500 Gil
Jack-o’-Lantern Cookie
An ogre pumpkin carved into a grinning face and boiled in a sweet cookie.
500 Gil

Chanterelle Saute
The dark vinegar topping this salad draws out the flavors of each vegetable without overpowering them.
500 Gil
Crymsyn Witch Dried Plums
Dried pixie plums, sweetened in the Sun.
500 Gil

Warm Kaiser Roll
A round Ishgardian bread first made by Helonic monistics who, when brewing ale, would add barm and leftover malt to their daily loaves.
500 Gil


Blood Currant Tart
A sweet and sour pastry made with a generous portion of blood currants.
1,000 Gil

Jellied Compote
Stewed fruit rendered firm with gelatin, then chilled and cut into bite-sized squares.
1,000 Gil

Rolonberry Cheesecake
Rich cheesecake slathered in a sticky, sweet rolonberry compote.
1,000 Gil


All Drinks come with Acron Cookies.

Witch Infustion
A delicately fragranced infusion brewed from tiny yellow chamomile flowers.
1,000 Gil
Ishgardian Tea
Rather than adding milk to boiling water that has been infused with tea leaves, as is the fashion in lower Eorzea, Ishgarian tea is brewed by boiling yak milk and by letting dried Coerthan tea leave steep right into the hot liquid.
1,000 Gil
Doman Tea
An after-supper beverage naturally sweetened with dried persimmons. Wildly popular in the Far East.
1,000 Gil

Espresso con Panna
The surprising addition of sour cream may catch some off guard, but they will invariably be won over by the subtle harmonies of this rich blend.
1,000 Gil
Fresh Apple Juice
Juice freshly squeezed from shiny red mirror apples grown in the Crymsyn Witch’s garden.
1,000 Gil
Triple Cream Coffee
Freshly roasted coffee beans percolated to perfection and mixed with an equal amount of dairy cream.
1,000 Gil

An incomparably refreshing blend of sour lemonette juice and sweet golden honey.
1,000 Gil