Fun Drinks

Alcohol Drinks

Witch’s Brew

This purple infusion is a hearty heahtful alcoholic beverage. Although it is a blended mixture from the house, it has Bourbon as its main ingredient.
2,000 Gil

Warlock’s Spirit

This red, pungent alcoholic infusion brewed from several exotic spices and herbs. It is well known for it’s bitter flavor and its distinctive warm after flavor.
2,000 Gil

Witchen Bitchen Gin

Kas refuses to say where she got the recipe for this alcoholic gin based drink, yet she insists on the name of this concoction made of bananas and old world figs.
2,000 Gil

The Kas Tonic

This bitter, green mixed alcoholic tonic is brewed with tea leaves and steeped in herbs doubles as a pain reliever.
Fun Fact: Used by Kas herself for pain
2,000 Gil

Fruity Moon Broom

A Heaping pile of shaved Coerthas ice drizzled, steeped and drowned in gin, wine, witch’s brew and a secret fruity blend from Kas’s special shelf. It’s a treat for anyone.
2,000 Gil

Bloody Mary

Your choice of Alcohol mixed with Blood Tomato Juice.
2,000 Gil

Ishgardian Pale Ale2,000 GIL
Lominsian Red Wine2,000 GIL
Gridanian White Wine2,000 GIL
Ul’dahan Vodka2,000 GIL
Kugane Fat Cat Sake2,000 GIL
Honey Mead2,000 GIL
Crymsyn Cider2,000 GIL